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Driven SAP BW / BW4HANA Maven (m/w/d)

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We are going all the way to get our client’s SAP ecosphere future ready. Be with us while we steer together past the cliffs of complexity and the vicious cycle of never-ending transformation projects. With bringing new technologies like BW4/HANA or SAC and PAPM into the cloud we help the business to focus on what they can do best: business.

Your profile

We love to work with competent and ambitious people, so surprise us with your capabilities! To make sure we can start quickly, you should already have an excellent understanding of SAP BW and in-depth knowledge of preferably BPS, IP or Lumira. Your industry knowledge of financial services or industrial production is helping you to bring business and IT together. You understand BW4Hana and HANA thoroughly and know to code ABAP and SQL. Your track record proves that your teams were able to manage content, configure, customize and setup SAP rollouts from zero. As we are not one-track specialists, your interest in tech outside of the SAP ecosphere will help understanding the big picture.

You love to work in teams, be it in our offices, remote or at customer locations. You know agile methods and procedures like Scrum and Kanban by heart and DevOps is no stranger to you. Classically managed projects are part of your comfort zone. You can create a working environment in which you and your team are productive quickly. You have strong analytical skills and are able to catch up with new methods and technologies quickly. You like to present what you created, and your audience loves the way you bring them a step forward. To get in touch with our client base efficiently, it is mandatory that you are fluent in English and German.

Our profile

We started as a young information management advisory with an already impressive set of successful enterprise-level projects. We believe that complexity is manageable and provide our customers elegant and efficient solutions that work. Coming from business intelligence and big data transformation projects we started to bring our knowledge and methods into the world of SAP to finally understand our client’s needs end to end.

Our sites are in Berlin, Hamburg and in the near future, Munich. Our offices are centrally located and equipped with everything that you need to work in a successful team of professionals.

Get in contact with us if you like our approach and think that you can share your experiences with us! We will have a first talk to find out how we fit together. As a next step, we ask you to show how you think by solving a real business case and dive deep into your SAP knowledge. Real stuff, no assessment tests. If all is good, we can decide quickly, and you will become a member of our team.

Get up and get ready for this new opportunity!


reeeliance IM GmbH