Frontend Dev passionate about UI/Design (employee 1) (m/w/d)

ab sofort

10115 Berlin


Hiro is building a new "payment rails", based on Web3/Ethereum/EVM technologies and ecosystem.

Our founding team has built an international payment network from scratch, advised dozens of businesses on fintech regulations and launched a DeFi protocol.

We have been working on the concept for over a year and just raised a pre-seed round, and within a month generated the first real transactions. We now have a solid roadmap ahead on launching enduser-facing products, then merchant solutions.

We are looking for a Frontend/UI Developer:

  • Who can build solid enduser facing React frontends, well-tested (e2e, cypress or RTL)
  • Passion for creating great UI/UX (and implement them directly)
  • Backend skills (Node workers, Remix, Next) are a big plus
  • No EVM/Solidity skills needed

You thrive in a small team, are self-driven and can improve the product on your own, with minimal guidance.

Work is remote and team is distributed in SE-Asia and Europe.


Must have

  • Strong sense for UI/UX/Design
  • Strong React skills
  • Strong HTML/Tailwind/CSS to build desktop/mobile friendly apps and layouts

Nice to have

  • Web3 libraries (e.g. ethers, wagmi) and experience interacting with smart contracts
  • Web3 experience as a user (used uniswap before, minted NFT, etc.)
  • Backend development e.g. Remix, Next, plain vanilla Node
  • Big plus if your timezones match ours


You are getting in at the very start. We are seasoned enterpreneurs, and have built a payment network before. Our strategy was validated by various experts (legal and business).

While we welcome remote applications we will also pay for you to relocate to Bangkok to work with us in person should you so choose. Living costs are dramatically lower in Thailand and leisure opportunities abound.

You will be paid a base salary plus a solid package in equity (token based).