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Product & Venture Development Associate () @ Early-Stage VC (m/w/d)

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Early-Stage Venture Capital & Product

As an early-stage VC, it’s our job not only to discover the best companies before they actually become them but to foster an environment where they have access to the best possible opportunity for success. With a strong belief that capital investment is just one part of the journey, we strive to deliver transformational impact to our founders on a daily basis on the topics that affect the trajectory of a company the most: Product, People, and Commercial Growth.

Operating across the intersection of venture capital and venture building gives us the space to find the corners where we can have the most impact. Whether that is through helping founders transform a great idea into an MVP, or a good product into a great product, adding monetization, or finding great conversion hacks. We are looking for a Product expert (m/f/x) who can work with our founding teams on building the mission-critical products that will shape our future.

Why we are looking for you now

We launched the Venture Development function 3 years ago with the goal to combine the best of strategy consulting, venture building, and talent hacking to shape how we can support our ventures beyond the capital. Having seen the impact that our team can have from hiring strategy to mission-critical execution topics, we’re now looking to launch the Product & Design function within Venture Development to do the same. As the pioneer in this function, you will:

Work directly with your colleagues in VD, our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Founders, Studio, and Investment Teams on building and launching the 1.0 product of their businesses. This means taking things from ideation to MVP across a shifting spectrum of cutting-edge industries including HealthTech, ClimateTech, BioTech, FoodTech, FinTech, and anything beyond. You will also partner with our later stage portfolio, foster relationships, empower product leaders to support each other in finding the best product hacks

Partner at eye-level with founders on all stages of product & design related topics. From product ideation, mockups and prototypes, to directing user journeys, usability testing, product design and proving product-marketfit. You are both a strategic advisor and a slick operator

Spar with ventures and be a guiding partner to enable them to navigate every step of their product journey. You take action where it’s necessary and provide guidance when it’s possible.

Actively ideate and build a toolkit of workshops, networks, materials, and partnerships that will enable you to maximize your impact across the portfolio

Zoom in and out: With great business understanding, you translate business plans into product strategy. You are able to take over urgent & critical tasks directly to act in the best interest of the company.

Work in close conjunction with the wider Venture Development team to consult and collaborate on broader product-related topics including talent, organization, and commercial growth.

Your role: A founder’s right hand in building a business

You are developing a new function with us. Thus, you are shaping us as well as your own path in venture capital. We provide a setup that is ideal for people who love to challenge the status quo and are passionate about product & early stage venture building. We are building the Product & Venture Development function to work directly on urgent, mission-critical projects. You will design, and lead your own projects.

Who you will work with

You will be part of the platform function “Venture Development” operating across both FoodLabs and Atlantic Labs, and reporting to our Operating Partner Thilo

You will on a daily basis work on eye-level with Founders and their leadership teams, ranging from pre-seed to pre-IPO

You will collaborate daily and host projects with our Studio & Investment team

What you need to succeed in this role:

Venture Building Expertise: You gained experience in a high-performance startup-up environment, learning first-hand what it takes to successfully build and launch products from ideation to MVP & beyond. Ideally, you have previous experience working in an agency like product or design environment learning from various different industries

Product Expertise: You have a strong track record in building products across both B2B and B2C customer segments. You have deep experience in product ideation, research, design, development, testing, tooling and iteration across the full product life-cycle. You have informed experience to coach and mentor founding teams.

Curiosity & Ambition: Your learning journey will be steep. You need to be driven by an absolute thirst for knowledge, operational excellence, and the grit to work on long-term goals in this hectic, yet incredibly rewarding environment working with so many different startups.

Strong self-management and project management skills: You have proven yourself in a demanding, fast-paced environment and are used to engaging with decision-makers. You act with empathy and integrity and back your decisions with data.


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