Sky monitoring of the celestial hemisphere for optical satellite downlinks (m/w/d)

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Free-space optical communication (FSOC) for Satellite Data Downlinks offers major advantages over radio-frequency communications, such as high bandwidth, low power consumption, small terminals, and high link privacy. However, in optical Low-Earth Orbit satellite downlinks, the precise pointing of the laser signal beam from space is aggravated by mechanical (pointing-direction and -precision), celestial (performance of star-sensors), and atmospheric (blockage by clouds, attenuation by aerosols) influences, leading to uncertainties in signal availability during a satellite downlink passage.

A monitoring device to verify the optical signal at the location of the optical ground station can be assembled based on an AllSky-Camera approach, observing the whole hemisphere, and potentially receiving the optical signal power during the downlink. Such a monitoring device must be based on a camera sensitive at the signal wavelength (0 – 0nm), at the same time excluding background light effects, and providing enough reception sensitivity to detect even a faint laser signal. The device must be preprogrammed to acquire frames during certain downlink time frames (typically minutes every few hours), and off-line allow automatized detection and interpretation of the signal spot.

The thesis shall comprise the following:

  • requirement analysis (link budget) of system sensitivity and Field-of-View
  • component analysis (suitable objective lens, camera, software and supporting environment)
  • building a robust autonomous setup, remotely controlled via Ethernet
  • testing and verification in according satellite downlink scenarios
  • documentation
  • student in electrical engineering or similar engineering-sciences
  • knowledge in electronic design, programming, and numerical simulation
  • experience in camera programming
  • fluent in English
  • self-motivated
  • autonomous working style
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