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With an expansion of shops spread all around Germany, SUSHI CIRCLE always welcomes new members to join our big family!

Do you have a passion for Asian cuisine, especially Sushi?

  • Are you looking for a stable job with a comfortable working environment?
  • Morning shift 6am-14pm**
  • Afternoon shift 11am-19pm
  • Not working on Sundays and public holidays!**
  • MINIMUM 12€/H, gradually increasing according to ability and experience (can increase right after 1 month if doing well!!!)

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• Preparing raw materials (cooking rice, cutting fish and vegetables, packing salads and snacks)

• Rolling and packaging Sushi boxes

• Complying quality and hygiene principles and orderly work areas

• Ordering materials and taking care the customers


NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: By joining Sushi Circle, you will be thoroughly trained from preparation to sushi rolling techniques.



Only at Sushi Circle, you are given 6 extra days of leave in the year in addition to
the 24 days as prescribed!

  • OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE MAXIMUM INCOME, help you support your family and accumulate for the future!
  • Insurance, full SALARY, supporting document extension, family reunification, renting/buying a house, buying a car, and so on
  • SUPPORT WORKING PERMIT PROCESS for those who have EU/ES long-term residence permit or Duldung paper
  • TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION SUPPORT for those who work far away or those who want to move to different living area
  • FLEXIBLE WORKING TIME, 8 hours each shift, giving you more time for yourself and your family
  • EVERY MINUTES OF WORK IS PAID! With hourly wage, 100% of working hours will be paid in a month, including overtime
  • OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE to become a Shop Manager or Area Manager with many attractive benefits
  • Multinational WORKING ENVIRONMENT, good opportunity to communicate and integrate with life in Germany

You can also contact me directly through phone / SMS / WhatsApp:

Lisabel Maier

+49 172 8871735


Sushi Circle Gastronomie GmbH